Chicago Pride Parade 2015

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The Chicago pride parade had even more of a celebratory feel this year since it comes just after the Supreme Court ruling to make same sex marriage legal across the United States.  This was a big deal and we wanted to make it special for all the parade goers this year.  Last minute additions to our parade decor can be challenging but this time it was worth the extra effort.  It was obvious that in addition to our planned design of spelling out “CHICAGO” in balloons that we needed to add “VICTORY”  as well. The crowds were larger and a more energetic this year. We had a blast feeding off of their energy as we passed!

Balloons by Tommy - Victory


Chicago Pride caught up with Tommy for a great interview regarding our entry for this year just before in the pride parade. 

You can read the full interview here.

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Official 2015 Balloons by Tommy Chicago Pride Parade Video