Let us introduce ourselves

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We are Balloons by Tommy. A Chicago, IL area balloon decor company. We’ve been decorating the surrounding areas with balloon decor since 2000.

From the young age of 5, Tommy always enjoyed balloons and wanted to have his own balloon company one day. In high school he decorated school dances and events with balloon decor. Soon, local park districts and community centers started asking for decor for their events as well.

balloon arch decor

High School stage decor for a school function.

Word of mouth kept spreading and more events were quickly being added to Tommy’s calendar. While in college, a local roller rink asked for unique large scale decor to match their various themes and holiday events throughout the year.


New Year’s Eve balloon drops and decor for a roller rink.

The roller rink also eagerly invited him to join their float in local parades. Tommy added an extra visual element to their float which got the crowds excited as they passed by. Since then Balloons by Tommy has mastered his parade balloon displays and has become a Chicago Pride Parade favorite.

Balloons by Tommy has grown to a small team dedicated to taking event decor to the next level. Redefine the way you envision balloons and contact us about your next event!

Balloons by Tommy Sears Centre Arena IRCA Cheer balloon drop

Balloon drops at the Sears Centre Arena for a private event.