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After working in the TV and Film industry for the past 19 years, Danny and Bambi Bremgartner are retiring.
We want to thank everyone for treating us like an equal during our years within the TV and Film Industry. We have met many friends and acquaintances, and will miss all of you. We have many fond memories of our years, and will cherish each one of them. Before we retired, we searched to find a good replacement to take our place, a company that will endeavor to work in the industry with the same attitude we have. We feel that we have found that company in Balloons by Tommy.

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As of October 2019, Balloons by Tommy has taken over for Aah-Inspiring balloons! Our team is excited for this new adventure in Southern California and we look forward to working with you! We will maintain the Aah-Inspiring Balloon phone number and e-mail address to make it easier on everyone during this transition. Also, Danny and Bambi will stick around for a little longer to help familiarize our SoCal team in the everyday workings within the industry. We're sure you have some questions; perhaps they're addressed on our FAQ page. Would you like to make a decor inquiry? Complete our contact form and we'll get back to you shortly. If you contact us but do not hear back from us after 24 hours, your email address may have been entered incorrectly, please try again.

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