Chicago Pride Parade 2016

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Chicago Pride Parade 2016

On June 26, 2016 the streets of Chicago were lined with about a million people eager to watch and take part in the 47th Annual Chicago Pride Parade.  We were among them excitedly waiting to step off and display the creations we had for this year’s parade.  Balloons by Tommy has become a crowd favorite and this time we went above and beyond crowd expectations.

Balloons by Tommy in the 47th annual Pride Parade

ABC 7 Chicago shot of the Balloons by Tommy entry in the 2016 Chicago Pride Parade

Pre-parade interview

Kristen Nicole, from Fox 32 News, interviewed Tommy just days before the parade.

“We’ll have different sculptures, people outfitted in balloons, carrying balloons, a coach bus covered in balloons, it’ll span about three city blocks, 40,000 balloons,” DeLorenzo said. And at the front of his float is a tribute to Orlando, an elaborate balloon creation, simply spelling 1-Pulse. A special memory for a crowd still grieving. “It’s crazy,” DeLorenzo said. “I’ve never been to an event with a million people before, so to see a million people experiencing the color and impact, the energy is overwhelming, but in a good way.”

You can read more from the interview here: Balloons more than beautiful distraction during Pride Parade

Helping hands

As mentioned in the above interview; there were about 40 people helping with all the balloon inflation and tying to achieve the final look. Balloons by Tommy teamed up with Balloon Coach to give other balloon professionals a chance to learn more about creating balloon decor for parades.

Balloons by Tommy and Balloon Coach

Participants from the workshop display their LOVE of balloons

“The rainbow displays from Balloons By Tommy, a parade staple, this year included balloon unicorn suits and “1 PULSE” written in balloon letters commemorating the Pulse night club shooting in Orlando.” – DNA Info

Official Pride Parade video form 2016!

Balloon Costumes

The magical unicorn costume known as Conrad the Unicorn was created by Carolyn at POP! Designs & Creations. Those majestic rainbow doves were brought to life by Dennis from Incredibly Twisted Balloons.